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Please send all submissions to with ‘submission’ and the name of the work reviewed in the subject field. Please briefly introduce yourself and include links or attachments with further information, if available. We will respond within 2-3 weeks, though it may take longer because this is a volunteer-run website.

The submission guidelines are as follows:
  1. The work under review should broadly pertain to the processes of imperialism and colonialism (and resistance to them) and should have been overlooked, underappreciated, suppressed or misinterpreted in the cultural mainstream since its release. It may be in any language; non-English sources that have not been translated are welcome.
  2. The piece should argue for the relevance of the reviewed work via: a) locating it in history and the literature; b) providing a brief summary of its contents; c) explaining the factors behind its understated significance; and d) if relevant, addressing the common criticisms of its detractors.
  3. The review piece should be original (i.e., it should not have been published elsewhere) and amount to no more than 3,000 words (excluding endnotes).
  4. The subject should be a single work, though small sets of shorter texts may also be considered. 
  5. Accessible language (e.g., avoiding jargon) is encouraged. 
  6. Online sources can be hyperlinked, whereas offline sources should be endnotes as per the Chicago Manual of Style.
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